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Installazioni civili e terziario Building automation


Civil and tertiary installations – building automation

Progecta designs and implements automation systems for large public and private buildings. These systems use integrated management in all technological plant including: electrical plant and internal and external lighting, heating and cooling systems, HVAC plant (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), special plant (anti intrusion, CCTV and fire detection), energy consumption and data management and collection together with appropriate alarms to overcome absorption thresholds.

Progecta helps the client to identify the most suitable technological platform on the market and designs the control system architecture, scaling it to ensure efficiency and functionality. Building automation projects are approached with a view to integrating and balancing the control needs of the building structure and those of the people who will occupy it. In particular Progecta draws attention not only to the safety aspects of the property and people, but also to comfort, energy savings, maintaining the structure in a good working condition to avoid annoying inefficiencies, optimization of maintenance and simplification of asset management.

Progecta provides clients with personalized supervision tools, designed to simplify and optimize building management, allowing them to analyze and reduce direct and indirect costs: from maintenance operations, to the controlled absorption of the electricity current, and the regulation of ventilation and lighting levels according to the season, time etc.


  • Shopping centres
  • Office buildings
  • Conference centres
  • Apartment blocks
  • Holiday villages
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Stadiums, sports centres and other recreational facilities
  • Logistics centres

Case history:

Building Automation system for La Grand’A shopping centre - Cuneo

Control of lighting, air conditioning for the different areas and plant linked to the refrigerated counters, provides concrete savings in terms of electricity and gas (...)


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